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REB Online Bill Payment (OBPG) Middleware System


In 2007, Real-Estate Bank of Syria intended to provide the Syrian service providers business (telecommunication organizations, ISP companies, governorates, etc.) with online e-payment services 

Online Bill Payment Gateway (OBPG) is a middleware framework that provides the necessary functionalities to integrate different heterogeneous systems, in order to enable these systems provide with diversified, and non-standard services.

System Objectives

-  Providing service providers with online e-payment services

-  Allowing REB customers use e-payment services

-  Leading the change to e-banking culture

-  Supporting e-government services

OBPG Project Phases

Phase I: Proof of concept

In this phase the intention was to prove system feasibility starting with one service (Syriatel bill payment through ATM)

Phase II: Supporting multiple services

In this phase new services for multiple service providers were added to the system. The system proved its ability to be integrated with heterogeneous systems.

Phase III: Supporting multiple payment channels and core banking systems

In this phase the system was totally restructured to be service oriented. This enabled the system to be a true integration system regardless of what services it may provide, and what systems are involved in these services, and what platforms these systems work on.

As a result of this phase all services provided through ATMs were provided through internet

Phase IV: Service Explosion

After two years of its implementation, the system proved high availability, functionality, and performance. This led REB to extend system usage to almost all kinds of services that it may provide to its customers. The system was extended to provide new payment channels (SMS, IVR), new authorizers (other banks, prepaid card management systems, credit card management systems, either provided by REB or by any other organization).

Why the OBPG System Succeeded?

e-bridge early realized what are the customer values, and worked on meeting these values.

Main reasons of success are:

-  All objectives of the system were realized

-  All customer values were met: customer loyalty, service provider loyalty, data safety, high availability, extensibility, decision support

-  Security: high levels of security standards were imposed on the system.

-  Competitive advantage: The services provided by OBPG system could lead REB to be number one in providing e-services in Syria.

-  The usage of REB e-services has been greatly increased since 2007 till now. This is a result of system high availability and performance.

-  As an indirect result of OBPG system success, REB could impose very high level standards for e-service providing in Syria.

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