Human resources
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e-bridge prides of having a multi-discipline team of highly qualified professionals. Main disciplines of e-bridge team are: Business management, Telecommunications, and Informatics engineering.

In addition to its staff, e-bridge has a huge relations network, which enables it to confront mostly any kind of business and IT projects.

e-bridge staff

Eng. Ammar Moussa
General Manager
Eng. Mohammed Mahfoud R & D Manager
Eng. Hani Mohammad Projects Manager
Mohammad Ahamd Quality Assurance

In addition to business leaders and a number of developers


e-bridge relations network

e-bridge has relations with a great variety of qualified professionals which cover different kinds of potentially required expertise.

Many of e-bridge projects were performed with assistance of external resources. E-bridge proved its ability to find the appropriate resources, manage the relationships with them to achieve the projects goals.


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