Integration Services
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The software engineers at e-bridge pride themselves in being able to offer you the advantage of thorough knowledge and sound fundamentals of core development technologies. This expertise plays a very crucial role in achieving high levels of efficiency and productivity dealing with heterogeneous systems that work over heterogeneous platforms whether they comply to standards or not. Our integration services include:

  1. Develop and deploy middleware system using Web Services standards (HTTP, SOAP, WSE, SSL...) to integrate systems that already have (or could have) support for these standards.
  2. Develop and implement interfaces to integrate systems that support other standards.
  3. Integrate systems that support vendor-specific APIs.
  4. Develop and implement APIs for some closed systems that do not support any APIs. This could be done by:
  5. Analyzing the business logic provided by these systems.
  6. Plan and implement “Reverse-engineering” for some components of these systems.
  7. Migrate some parts of these systems to enhanced platforms.
  8. Develop standard interfaces (Web Services) to introduce the business logic provided by the system for other systems.
  9. Provide new functionalities to old systems.
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