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e-bridge is a Syrian start-up software solutions provider.

Founded in 2007, e bridge supports private and public organizations in general, and financial institutions (banks, insurance companies, etc), in particular, increasing competitiveness, profitability and customer satisfaction, by providing systems and software solutions of high quality and performance.

e-bridge provides turn-key services. Either Organizations need a basic system, or an ultra customized system, we deliver comprehensive software for all sizes and types of business. Hence, as your business grows, e-bridge ’s systems and services grow with it. e-bridge supports and improves your business performance with a comprehensive range of professional services, starting from choosing the right software and project planning to implementation, software development, training and continuous  maintenance.

Managed by outstanding technical expertise, business knowledge and a professional approach, e-bridge values long-term business relationships and works closely with customers to make sure they implement solutions that are proper for their business model, vision and strategy.

Make sure you read our vision & values to know more about our ethics and ambitions, and please refer to services page to read more about what we do.

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